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Trick Dog Equipment

Our Trick Dog evaluator, Susan Belden is planning to bring an extensive collection of Trick Dog props for use by dogs being evaluated.  Here is a list of what she is planning to bring, you are welcome to bring your own props that your dog is familiar with for tricks as well


Please reach out to Susan if you have any questions.  

  • 10’ balance board walk 

  • Large, Low sided cardboard box

  • Collapsible 4’ Tunnel

  • Weave poles

  • Obedience/Agility jumps

  • Hula hoops  

  • tape/tissue paper to make a solid hoop

  • 1 large, 2small Blankets

  • 1 Wire crate with bandana tied to door

  • Interactive Dog toy

  • Snuffle ball

  • Oversized Sock

  • Dog Toys

  • Storage bin (2 on 2 off)

  • Hoops on a pole toy

  • Cones

  • Basket to carry

  • Plastic cups

  • Hotel push bell / noise buzzers / lite

  • 2 Boxes of tissues

  • Skateboard 

  • Suitcase

  • Bag or pillowcase full of stuff to pull

  • Fold up Wagon

  • Goat bowl or disc

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